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Removing risk whilst lowering the cost of transferring your SAP data.


We're with you all the way on your data journey.



Because accurate data is key to success, we will help you reach that goal ...


Data Cleansing Solution

We can assist you through our unique data audit services

All data related issues such as incorrect data are identified quickly for resolution.

Invalid data entries are consigned to the wastebasket with Evolved Data Cleansing Services

Invalid data entries are a thing of the past with ED.


EDLink's Data Suite

Transformations made easy.

We've developed our own unique data transformation toolset reflecting years of value add gained in the SAP data conversion industry. There's no need to re-invent the wheel!

We harness the power of SAP NetWeaver® enabling your data to insert seamlessly.


Evolved Data Consultancy Services 

We can provide end to end data services designed to meet the specific needs of your SAP project.

  • Dedicated Data resources

  • Data transformation training.

  • Data Team Management and load planning services.